Goodbye Like For Ever & Thank You

Hi There.

A couple of weeks ago I received a super sad email to say that Like For Ever was going to be closing.  The UK-based Scrapbooking subscription club run by the fabulous Nicola, simply couldn’t keep running anymore and our April kit was our last one.

I’m super sad that I’ll no longer be getting my kit anymore.  Before Like For Ever I didn’t Scrapbook.  I’d started some basic Project Life with bits and pieces I had, but joining the club in 2015 really opened up the world of Scrapbooking and Project Life for me.  Nicola put together kit after fabulous kit.  Each one better than the last, with a lot of care and attention put into the contents of each one.  Nicola built up an amazing community of fellow Scrappers, our Like For Ever Family.  Nothing was ever too much trouble for her and she was always on hand to answer questions and queries we may have.

There were multiple reasons for the closure of the club, but one main contributing factor was the ongoing poor service from the big Scrapbooking player, American Crafts.  Nicola was always open and honest about ongoing problems she had with sourcing kit contents from them.  From substandard communication, unfulfilled orders and at times little or no knowledge of their own stock, it made it impossible for this small independent business to continue.  Obviously they are not the only producers of Scrapbooking products out there but they are the biggest (I think) with lots of other brands under the umbrella of American Crafts, the demand for their products is high.

I could go on about the short comings of this huge market leader, but I’ll leave it there, and I’ll finish by saying thank you Nicola, Like For Ever kits have been amazing.  They got me into this wonderful world of Scrapbooking, an ongoing hobby I hope to continue with for years to come.  We have all appreciated your hard work, attention to detail and outstanding customer service.  You certainly could teach American Crafts a thing or too.

Here are some of my most favourite creations using my Like For Ever kits.fullsizeoutput_58c9xoxo


One thought on “Goodbye Like For Ever & Thank You

  1. Kyna Caudle says:

    That makes me sad. After looking at all of your great layouts using her kit I as going to subscription to them. If you find another great kit subscription please share.

    Liked by 1 person

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