All snuggled up – Scrapbook Layout

Hi everyone.

I don’t like butterflies and hearts.  There I said it, it’s out there for you all to read.  I like real butterflies, they’re beautiful creatures, but ephemera butterflies and papers and stuff I just can’t get onboard with.  I don’t know why,  I guess they don’t fit with my style?  And hearts, well I just think they’re over used in crafting a bit.

So when my latest Like For Ever kit dropped on the mat (not that it fits through the letter box) I was faced with butterflies and hearts.  So I put the dislike to one side and this is what I came up with.


I’m actually super pleased with the finished layout.  The Hazelwood collection by 1canoe2 is gorgeous, the florals, well I do like florals so they were easy to use.  And as for the butterflies and hearts, I even used a heart punch to make more hearts for the layout.  I’m not saying I’m going to use butterflies and hearts on everything now, but I’ve definitely got onboard with them a bit more.  After all I have a gorgeous little girl to scrapbook now, so I guess they go hand in hand.

xo Sarah xo


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