Well that didn’t go as planned…

Hey everyone.

Happy New Year to you.  I hope you had a lovely Holiday season.  We did eventually, after several rounds of illness for the family.  Hands up who thought Quinsy was a 1970’s TV mystery/drama series?  Turns out that was Quincy, and what I’d got was the evil Quinsy a complication of tonsillitis.  I HAVEN’T EVEN GOT TONSILS, haha.  Oh well, we were all better come Christmas and had a wonderful time.  It did mean that my creative time was, well it was zero!  But that’s OK too, life goes on and I’ve still got the ideas, and I’ve got ALL the things, so I’m just getting back into it.  Which means I’ve also got things to share with you on my blog again, hoorah!

I’ve been looking at the way I use my planner lately.  I’ve got a gorgeous planner from PersonalPlanner.com and I’ve had it since last July.  I really enjoy the fun of decorating my planner, but because it’s not a Happy Planner, or an Erin Condren etc. it’s difficult to find stickers that fit it.  Well I’ve made some of my own.  I’ve started simple, firstly with some ‘Hydration’ tracker stickers as I’m trying to drink more water this year, so thought these would be a good idea.


I also want to keep track of the photo’s I take and which ones to use in my Project Life layouts.  So I created a sticker to help me keep track of this too.


I use an iMac so used the Pages word processing programme to create these.  I’ve printed them out on sticker paper, and will use good old fashioned scissors to cut them out.  I do have a Silhouette Portrait, but as these are just simple boxes I don’t feel the need to cut them out on there.


Here’s my first time using them in my planner.  You can also see that I’ve created a sticker to represent my Project Life page protector of choice for this year.  Enabling me to plan  out my layouts every week.

I think I’ll create some ‘To Do’ stickers to use for daily jobs.  I’ll be sure to show you those when I’ve made them.

Well thanks for popping in and taking a look at todays blog post.  I hope to start getting in a routine of posting at least weekly, but life does get in the way sometimes and I make no apologies for that.  It makes for interesting Project Life stories!

xo Sarah xo


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